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Expert Consultation Testimony

  • Exhumation autopsy
  • 2nd autopsy
  • Expert witness

Forensic Medical is staffed by physicians who are certified by the American Board of Pathology in both Anatomic and Forensic Pathology and who hold faculty appointments at large teaching hospitals in Nashville, Tennessee. In addition to performing more than 1350 postmortem examinations each year, including medicolegal, private, and hospital-requested autopsies, the Medical Examiners of Forensic Medical Management Services, PLC also routinely provide expert medicolegal consultation services. These may concern a wide array of cases, including performing second autopsies and exhumation autopsies, evaluating non-lethal injuries, and reviewing medical records and autopsy reports prepared by other physicians.

Requests for expert witness consultation services may be accepted from other physicians, family members of the deceased, attorneys, insurance companies, and law enforcement agencies from across the country. Consultation services are tailored to each situation, and as such may range from making a simple explanatory phone call to offering complex expert witness testimony in both civil and criminal cases.

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